Sunday, April 12, 2009


Scott Herman, born in 1985, in Salem, New Hampshire, is an American model and fitness trainer. Herman began his modeling career in 2008 by working with different photographers to complete his portfolio. Soon, he became the poster boy for undergear brand "2(x)ist". Herman played an abundance of sports growing up such as baseball, soccer, football, basketball, he ran cross country and I also wrestled and practiced mixed martial arts. However he true love is the gym. Fascinated with the fact that he could push himself to become stronger, faster and better, Herman decided to create his own personal fitness website in 2009. The website was created for the sole purpose so that he could reach out to people all over the world. He always see people in need of health and fitness education and it pains him to not be able to help them and push them to their goals.

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  1. Scott's our role model for being a 10 in 2010!