Monday, December 14, 2009


Dong Young-Bae (born May 18, 1988), better known by his stage name Taeyang or SOL, is a member and main vocalist and dancer of Big Bang. Like the other members, Taeyang is signed with management company YG Entertainment. He began training under YG Entertainment at the age of twelve alongside fellow member and leader G-Dragon. After six years of vocal and dance training he made his debut in 2006 as part of Big Bang. Taeyang was a child actor at the age of 11, acting in JinuSean’s A-Yo music video. After that, he auditioned to join YG Family. In 2003, he participated in Wheesung’s second album, rapping on the track "Player". He performed with JinuSean, Swi.T, Lexy, Se7en, Masta Wu and YG Family, and took part in Wheesung, Gummy, Se7en and YG Family's One concerts. Young Bae was scheduled to debut with G-Dragon, under the group "GDYB" however the group didn't debut. Later, Taeyang debuted with Big Bang, releasing popular songs such as "거짓말" ("Lies") and "하루하루" ("Day by Day"). Tae Yang released his first solo mini album on May 22, 2008, entitled "Hot". The album was received having sold over 50,000 copies. Later that year, he performed his first solo concert, "Hot" in July 20. Later, in 2009, Tae Yang released "Where U At" via digital download and then "Wedding Dress" on November 13, 2009. Taeyang's first album is set to be released in early 2010.

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