Friday, May 4, 2012



Ryan Bertroche, born in 1991, in Iowa, USA, is an American model. Bertroche grew up in a farming community in Iowa, his hobbies and interests include riding horses and helping other farmers in his home town. Bertroche attended PV High School in Bettendorf and started modeling shortly after graduation.

Bertroche's modeling career has already taken off, posing for photographers such as Bruce Weber, Mariano Vivanco, Alasdir Mclellan, and Carlotta Manaigo. Standing 6' 1", Bertroche has appeared in high gloss fashion mags such as "V magazine", "Arena Homme Plus", "Vogue Homme Japan", "Out Magazine", and "Sports and Style", strutting for "Gucci", "Calvin Klein", "D&G" and "Dior Homme".

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