Thursday, October 28, 2010


So Ji-sub (born November 4, 1977 in Seoul) is a South Korean actor. It was 1997 when So Ji-sub modeled for a jeans brand called "STORM" and first caught the attention of Korean fans. From here, he debuted as an actor in the Korean sitcom “3 Guys, 3 Girls” and joined the circle of Korean celebrities. In the following year, he remained active in the entertainment industry through dramas, movies, and commercials. Although his roles in dramas in the late 90s, such as “Model”, were small, his popularity grew, and by 2002, he obtained one of the main character roles in a famous drama called “Glass Slippers”. While played the role of a gangster falling in love with the main female character in the drama “Glass Slippers”, more fans found him attractive and talented.
In 2004, he was cast in two immensely popular dramas called “What Happened in Bali” and “I'm Sorry, I Love You”. This really brought him to the center of the spotlight in the acting industry as he began drawing attention from not just Korea, but from all over Asia. The drama “I'm Sorry, I Love You” especially made him stand out from the crowd, and his achievements in acting was rewarded with several awards.
Unfortunately, his career was interrupted by his mandatory service to the Korean military. By April 27, 2007, he completed his duty to the Korean military and came back to the entertainment world with a movie called “Rough Cut”. In 2009, So landed the role of Lee Cho-In in the drama “Cain and Abel”, which later became a big hit.

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