Saturday, February 12, 2011


Fabio Ide
Country of origin: Brazil
Currently Residing In: Philippines
Ethnicity: Spanish-Japanese (Brazilian nationality)
Occupation: Model and actor
Height: 182cm

Fabio Luis Ide or more well known as Fabio Ide is a very experienced male supermodel. He has been modelling for about 7 years internationally. Apart from that, Fabio has been travelling to almost 13 countries and places all around the world including Tokyo, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Cape Town, Philippines and the list goes on. He has done all different kinds of job ranging from fashion ads, print ads, commercials and fashion shows. When the Brapanese wave strikes the industry lately, the phenomenon is not only greatly enhancing his fame but also opening more opportunities for him to show his talents to the public.
As a successful male supermodel in both commercial and fashion, Fabio has been gaining more attention recently. Being throned as the “King of TVCs” by his fans in the fashion and modelling industry, Fabio is currently a hot issue in the Philippines. Nowadays, he is also been doing well in the show biz and entertainment industry. Fabio has gradually been recognised not only as a popular Asian-mixed international model but also as a popular actor and TV personality by the public. He debuts as an actor in 2010 through two comedy films; “D’Survivors” and “You to Me Are Everything”.

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